Hands-On Weaving Lab – Shadow Weave

Shadow Weave

The study group will have a hands-on lab July 26th in a studio at Lowe Mill. We will meet at Piper and Leaf Tea (2211 Seminole Drive SW Huntsville) at 5:00 p.m. and be guided to the studio.  We will get a lesson on Shadow Weave, what it is and how to design projects with it.  We will have a loom set-up for people to try hands-on weaving with Shadow Weave and we will help everyone choose/design a project and create a warp to take home to try out.  Bring your own yarn for the warp (two colors, light and dark) or purchase yarn at the shop.  Bring your own drafting paper (graph paper/handouts/project plans will be available for optional purchase).