Tour de Fleece

The 2018 Tour de Fleece will be July 7 – July 29, 2018. This is a challenge to spin every day the Tour de France rides. The Interweave site has last year’s information, but hopefully they will update it soon, Will you accept the challenge?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, it was started by Ravelry as a fun way to spend a little time celebrating spinning while the Tour De France is “spinning”.  This event is very informal and relaxed.  The only rules are to try to spin every day of the Tour De France (July 7-29 with the exception of rest days) and to set your own challenge!  Your challenge can be simple – i.e. spin for 15 minutes per day, or ambitious – i.e. try a new technique, or type of fiber or try for a speed record!  Everyone’s goals will be different.  There are multiple local teams as well as general groups – join as many as you’d like and have fun egging each other on!  For more information see