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Weave a Tencel Scarf Workshop

After the success of the Weave a Towel Workshop this past year, we’re planning a Weave a Tencel Scarf Workshop, September – December, 2018. Each person will weave one Tencel scarf, approximately 7” x 72”. If time and skill permit, you may be able to weave samples or scarves on other looms. You have the option of weaving on your own loom (floor, table or rigid heddle) or borrowing a loom. You can do as much work as you want: you can create your warp and dress your own loom or a borrowed loom, or pay more to have other guild
members create your warp and dress a borrowed loom. We will plan the scarves and order yarn in September. We’ll measure the warps and space dye some of the warps in October. We’ll warp the looms in November, weave the scarves in December and finish weaving (if necessary) in January. This workshop is for novice weavers as well as advanced weavers. There is a limit of 12 participants due to the space at the member’s Weaving Studio in
Toney. See the attached flyer for details. Weave a Tencel ScarfCurrentpub