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Weave a Tencel or Bamboo Scarf Workshop

Update: We have worked hard. The warp threads have been measured and dyed, the weft threads have been ordered and received, the looms have been dressed. There are four new
weavers among us. And we’re ready to weave our scarves. Or if not into weaving, bring another fiber project and join the group in some dedicated fiber time. Come prepared to work hard on Saturday Dec 8 0900-1500 at a member’s Weaving Studio in Toney AL. Contact the Guild to receive driving directions.

After the success of the Weave a Towel Workshop this past year, we’re having a Weave a Tencel  or Bamboo Scarf Workshop, September – December, 2018. Each person will weave one tencel or bamboo scarf. If time and skill permit, you may be able to weave samples or scarves on other looms. You have the option of weaving on your own loom (floor, table or rigid heddle) or borrowing a loom. You can do as much work as you want: you can create your warp and dress your own loom or a borrowed loom, or pay more to have other guild
members create your warp and dress a borrowed loom. We planned the scarves and ordered yarn in September. We measured, wound and space dyed the warps in October. We’ll warp the looms in November, weave the scarves in December and finish weaving (if necessary) in January. This workshop is for novice weavers as well as advanced weavers. There is a limit of 12 participants due to the space at the member’s Weaving Studio in
Toney. See the attached flyer for details. Weave a Tencel ScarfCurrent(1)

Fiber Critters Needed

Update: The fiber critters made it to the library and the tree has been put up and decorated. Here’s a picture that doesn’t do it justice so go and check it out yourself. Thanks to everyone who took time to make or buy decorations and those who helped set up the tree. We’d be nothing without our great member volunteers.


The theme for the 2018 Library Christmas Tree is Fiber Critters. Those of us who set up the tree at the Main Library last year decided that we would like new ornaments depicting animals that give us fiber. We would like to  have sheep, rabbits, llamas, alpacas and silk worms on the tree. Make up some fiber animal ornaments and bring them to the holiday gathering at the Madison Library on Saturday November 10th. There will be a prize for the most creative fiber animal. Don’t know how to make animal ornaments? Contact the guild or we’ll have instructions for some fiber animal ornaments for you to make available at the holiday gathering. We’ll need all donated  ornaments for the library tree by tree decorating day the end of November.

Creative Roc Day Door Prizes Needed

Donations are needed for door prizes to be given away at Roc Day 2019. This year to show off the creativeness of our members, we would like donations of fiber items you have made to use as door prizes at Roc Day. If you have some fiber creations would like to donate, contact the guild or bring them to any guild meeting or event by January 1. Please include a card with your name as donator, item description, process used, i.e. knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, tatting, etc., types of fiber used, and care instructions if applicable. The card will be included with the door prize given way at Roc Day. This is your chance to show off a little and get some recognition for the beautiful work you have done.