Monthly Archives: July 2019

Sheep to Shawl Contest

The Huntsville Fiber Guild will be hosting a Sheep to Shawl Contest in the near future. We’re aiming for World Wide Spin in Public Day in September. Start forming your team now and thinking of a great name! There will be a $200 grand prize for the winning team. We are still working on the guidelines for the competition but we do know that each team will have carders, spinners, and only one weaver. Any kind of loom allowed as long as finished shawl is 20 X 72 inches or at least 1440 square inches. All looms except for triangle looms can be pre-warped. Teams will provide all their own equipment and supplies. Use any animal fiber that is cleaned and ready to card. The fiber may be dyed. No electric equipment will be allowed. We want people of all skill levels to participate. Points will be given for team spirit as well as quality of spinning and weaving. There will be other prizes including a People’s Choice Award. The final details will be announced soon.