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Weave and Sew a Tote Bag

Update Feb 2020: Most are finished weaving and have yards of fabric to make their tote bags. We need to have a show and tell soon to see the finalized bags. 

Update Jan 2020: We are continuing the Weave our Tote Bags, with participants weaving their yardage and their tote bag handles.

Update Dec 2019: We’ve planned our tote bags, wound the warps, space dyed them and started warping the looms. Looking forward to weaving and sewing the totes.

Start at the beginning to Weave and Sew a Tote Bag.  Go through all the steps:  plan the project, create the warp, space dye the yarn if desired, dress the loom, weave and create your own tote bag.  This workshop is for novice and advanced crafters. Knowledge of weaving and sewing is not required. We’ll teach you the basics.

We will plan the tote bags, order yarn and wind the warps in October. We’ll space dye (if you desire) the warp and weft skeins, and warp the looms in November. We’ll weave the cloth and sew the totes early in December. There is a limit of 12 participants due to the available space at the member’s Weaving Studio in Toney.  When you pre-register, you will receive driving directions to the Weaving Studio.

Each person will weave 2-3 yards of cotton cloth which is enough to make 1-2 tote bags depending on your size preference. Make one large bag or 2 smaller ones. These tote bags make great reusable grocery haulers or craft storage bags. Give them as handmade gifts. You have the option of weaving on your own loom (floor, table or rigid heddle) or borrowing a loom for a small fee. See attached flyer for more information: Weave a Tote Bagpub