Monthly Archives: April 2021

2021 Workshop Suggestions Welcome

Which workshop instructors/topics would you like us to have in 2021? The instructors can be national or local. I’m a member of two other fiber guilds that are presenting workshops in Zoom. Their workshops have been a mix of their local members presenting and outside instructors. We need ideas for challenges, contests and learning activities that will make us feel like a group. Contact the Guild with your ideas.

Huntsville Fiber Guild Zoom meetings

Huntsville Fiber Guild Zoom meetings are usually scheduled every other Thursday at 6:30 p.m. The next meetings will be April 8 and April 22 with show-and-tell. What have you been doing in the past weeks? Many thanks to the host, Teresa from Hook a Frog in Madison. All are welcome to join the meetings, bring show-and-tell, and bring something to work on.